Our story

Our food allergy journey began six years ago when my 5 month old son developed severe eczema. Not long after, he had his first severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) to dairy and that wasn’t to be the last. We discovered our wee boy was allergic to dairy, egg, wheat, soy, tree nuts and peanuts, with milder intolerances to chicken, corn, prawns and nightshades. Then came dust mite allergies and asthma. We were completely thrown in the deep end, it was overwhelming.

Fast forward six years and we are in a very different place. Our son is a healthy, happy, thriving boy. Yes, he still has severe food allergies, however we’re managing them together. He has outgrown his wheat and soy allergies, along with some tree nuts.

Why ‘Food Allergy Central’?

I decided to start Food Allergy Central as a way of raising awareness about food allergies (because there’s still a lack of understanding out there!) and to connect with, help and learn from other families living with food allergies.

When my son was first diagnosed, I had heard of a thing called ‘peanut allergy’ and I knew that sometimes this was serious, but that was it. I felt completely overwhelmed and didn’t know where to turn. I definitely needed help and support, but I didn’t know where to find it.

Through Food Allergy Central I hope I can reach out and help others like me – to point them in the right direction and help them to feel less alone.

I like to think of our ‘journey’ over the last six years as a train ride… We’ve been to a variety of different places, some thrilling, at times stressful or terrifying and we’ve seen and learnt so much along the way. We’ve met many wonderful people who have helped give us direction, some have stayed just for a while before taking another train, some are still travelling with us. Sometimes we’ve changed trains and taken a new direction, found a new station or new destination.

So welcome to Food Allery Cental, we’re still travelling and learning, I hope you’ll join us for the ride.